2014 Nissan Juke NISMO RC Prototype


2014 Nissan Juke NISMO RC Prototype

It is a challenge to discover a lot of giggles for the crossover dollar compared to the Juke – no matter how you are feeling in regards to the method it’s, the singularly styled nichemobile from Nissan is extremely entertaining to drive. Yet we have constantly felt the platform had a lot of inside it, and evidently its Japanese parent agrees, getting recently bracketed the googly-eyed turbocharged CUV along with a brand new Nismo design and also the barking mad built-to-order Juke R. At present, neither the Juke Nismo as well as GT-R-powered Juke R are offered in North America, however the previous has currently been confirmed to buy right listed below.

Even when it will achieve our shores, there’ll still become a heck of lots of whitespace involving the mild performance upgrades from the normal Nismo and also the half-mill R design, and also to listen to the UK’s Car inform it, Nissan has plans to plug which gap, as well. Consistent with its report, the automaker can shortly provide a Juke Nismo RC that could have roughly 20 horsepower a lot of compared to the fundamental Nismo (that itself has 197 hp, 9 a lot of compared to the foundation Juke). The RC can apparently function a lower, stiffer suspension, upgraded brakes and also a distinctive exhaust and intake for any snarlier soundtrack. Each front-and all-wheel drive designs are planned, as are manual and CVT transmission options.

No phrase yet upon the RC’s pricing or perhaps North American availability, however the regular-strength Juke Nismo is predicted to be shortly, and Nissan is likewise mentioned to possess massive plans to its performance nameplate, thus we would not rule it out.

Car has currently gotten its mitts on a couple of early prototypes from the RC, and if you are curious about hearing whatever they assume, you are able to scan a lot of by checking out the link beneath.

Nissan Juke Nismo 2 2014 Nissan Juke NISMO RC Prototype As was earlier reported, this prototype model, which could take the name of Juke NISMO RC, is set to produce an output of 221 horsepower, a significant uptick from the 197-horsepower output of the NISMO Juke. More importantly, it’ll come with a host of other modifications, including a more aggressive body kit, a more in-tune suspension system, and a drivetrain option of either front-wheel drive with a six-speed manual transmission or all-wheel drive with a continuously variable transmission.

As far as the video goes, the prototypes – we saw at least three of them in there – were all being subjected to numerous testing activities, including handling, cornering, and straightaway speeds.

It’ll be interesting to see how NISMO offers the final package for the Juke NISMO RC. But the early returns seem to suggest that it’s going to make the Juke that much more of an attractive crossover. It still looks a little quirky, but if it runs the way it’s been hyped, then we’ll take the quirkiness as part of the overall package.

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