Honda NSX

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Honda NSX

Concept version of Honda NSX was presented on Detroit Motor Show and if you thought that this is Acura than you are right but we all know that Acura is a luxury department of Honda so that will be its name in US market.

When it comes to design we can easily notice that this car looks fantastic and we can only hope that production version of this car will not stray to much from this concept previewed here. Just as a reminder original was launched in 1990 when supercars could be driven by only highly experienced drivers but that changed since then.

Original also delivered fantastic looks and we can agree that even new Honda NSX looks totally different it comes with fantastic looks and there are great chances that this car will be one of the most wanted.

We are still little short on information’s about this car and we can only guess what will come. Launch of this car is in three years and there is a plenty of time to change few things on it. As most great Honda’s we can expect this car to come with high revving and in this case V6 engine that will certainly deliver high amount of power.

Reports say that there are good chances we might receive Honda NSX but in hybrid version, if this happens this car will come with two electric engines that will control and send power to each front wheel. With computer controlling power of both engines we can expect fantastic ride feel and handling capabilities.

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